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List of programmes - Department of Physics and Space Sciences


Bachelor of Technology (Technical and Applied Physics)
Typical features of Bachelor of technology in technical and applied physics include practically-oriented technical subjects and modern methods of analysis and computer simulation. As opposed to general sciences, the programme gives priority to mastering experimental techniques as well as theoretical principles. It also provides opportunity for further studies in various physics-oriented masters programmes; such as environmental physics, nuclear energy, material science, polymers science, Space physics among others. The students are given opportunity to specialize in Energy, Instrumentation, space physics, and Materials Science option.
This programme admits students from High School as well as Diploma holders in Technical and Applied Physics.

  • C+ mean grade (in addition C+ in Mathematics, physics and chemistry, English) or
  • TU-K Diploma in Technology (Technical and Applied Physics)
8 Semesters

Diploma in Technology (Technical and Applied Physics)
This programme is hands-on and is appropriate for those already working in the industry who need to upgrade their skills and also fresh graduates from high schools.  Career opportunities for graduates of this programme are in:  research laboratories, industrial set-up such as those in the fields of energy, material, polymers, ceramics, glass and general industrial instrumentation. st in government ministries such Trade and Industry, Public Works and Energy, Kenya Bureau of standards and, Department of Weight and Measures. In private sector: research bodies and Educational Institutions such as Universities and colleges needs qualified technologist. Our graduates are well prepared to offers solutions to county government by offering the much needed instrumentalists to manage the many equipments being acquired in hospitals and many other establishments.

  • C (plain) Mean GradeMinimum • C (Plain) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English or Swahili.
6 Semesters

Bridging Course in Physics

This is a three month course offered to form four leavers who wish to upgrade in physics. The content is basically high school material. The course normally runs from May – August every year.

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Science is currently under development: The major areas under consideration include the following:

  • Materials Science
  • Space Science
  • Energy

Ph.D is offered in the above three areas and is by research only.



You are here: Home >> Academic Programmes