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Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Regular)


  • KCSE C- (Minus) with C- in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Eng. & any  other Science, Certificate in relevant areas


  • 3 Academic years


  • May

Department of Biological Science and Technology

The goal of the department is to provide quality training in applied aspects of biological sciences. Our programmes are designed to produce graduates who are competent in practical skills and techniques applicable in science laboratories, in the field and in bio-production industries. Our core programme, Applied Biology offers two options for specialization namely Biological Laboratory Science Technology and Industrial Microbiology. The courses are tailored in such a way that students can enrol and progress from certificate, to diploma and then to degrees.

Career Opportunities: Our graduates have a wide range of ports of call. These include research institutions, institutions of higher learning, industries dealing with biological and pharmaceutical products and quality control laboratories in wide range of industries. The diploma programme provide the students not only with technical skills suitable for direct employment, but also with avenue to transfer credit to the Bachelor of Technology Programme offered at the department and in a number of other universities both local and abroad.



You are here: Home >> Departments >> Department of Biological Science and Technology