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Department of Physics and Space Science

The Department of Physics and Space Sciences offers programmes that are hands–on, both at Diploma and degree levels. It is the only one of its kind in Kenya and the entire East African region that runs Technical and Applied Physics. The training offered here not only prepares the students to be well grounded in the theoretical and practical aspects of physics but also imparts basic technical skills that engineers and technologists apply in the real world of work.
The Department boasts of a materials science laboratory, a well equipped undergraduate laboratory and a state-of-the art materials science computing and space science laboratory. The Department currently serves as the Centre for Radio-Astronomy training and capacity building in space science in Kenya, with very strong collaborations with the French –South Africa Technology Institute (F’SATI) – Cape Peninsula University of Technology, SANSA Space Science (South Africa), Clyde Space (UK), University of Leeds (UK) and University of Manchester (UK). Besides these, the Department runs a United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Human Space Technology micro-gravity research using Clinostat. The collaborators in the area of materials science are the Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and the School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) in South Africa.

Radio Astronomy Training Human Space Technology research              

Job Opportunities

Graduates of Technical and Applied Physics are versatile and would work in most industries. Many of them would get jobs in such places as:

  • IT intensive work places
  • Materials department in the Ministry of Public Works
  • Civil Aviation
  • Directorate of Occupation Health and Safety Services
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • The Military
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Ministry of Energy (Renewable energy, Nuclear Electricity Authority), KenGen
  • Mineral Exploration companies ( where they serve as exploration geophysicists)
  • Security Sectors
  • Space Technology Companies
  • Kenya Power
  • Hospitals
  • Radiation Protection Board, among others

Besides these and many others, the graduates often set up their own companies where they also offer employment opportunities to others


Chairman, Department of Physics and Space Science
Technical University of Kenya
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  • Courses
    • Bachelor of Technology in Tourism and Travel Management
    • Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
    • Certificate in Travel and Tours Operations
    • Certificate in Tour Guiding
You are here: Home >> Departments >> Department of Physics and Space Science