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Dr. Austin Ochieng Aluoch - Publications



  • Aluoch, A. O. (2011) Possible approaches to education and awareness-raising among life scientist (BWC/CONF.VII/PC/….) (in preparation)


  • Aluoch, A. O . (2010) SCH 403 – Basic Electrochemistry - ODL Module, University of Nairobi, Nairobi
  • Sadik, O. A., Mwilu, S. K., Aluoch, A. O. (2010) Smart electrochemical biosensors: from advanced materials to ultrasensitive devices. Elecro-chimica Acta, 55, (14): 4287-4295


  • Mwilu, S. K., Aluoch, A. O., Miller, S., Wong P., & Sadik, O. A. (2009 ) Identification and Quantitation of Bacillus globigii using Metal Enhanced Electrochemical Detection and Capillary Biosensor, Analytical Chemistry, 15;81(18):7561-70
  • Omole, M.; Aluoch, A; Sadik, O. A. (2009) Environmental and bioanalytical applications of metal nanoparticles in Handbook of Electrochemical Nanotechnology,; American Scientific Publishers, Vol 1, ISBN:1-58883-039-X, Lin Y., Hari S., Editors
  • Sadik, O. A., Aluoch, A. O., Zhou, A.(2009) Status of biomolecular recognition using electrochemical techniques. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 24, (9) :2749-2765


  • Aluoch, A. O . (2007) Metal enhanced detection of salivary proteins, Bacillus globigii and novel reagents for biosensing and metal sensing, PhD Dissertation, State University of New York at Binghamton
  • Fatah, A. A., Arcilesi, R. D, Chekol, T., Lattin, C. H., Sadik, O. A., Aluoch, A. O. (2007) Guide for the selection of biological agent detection equipment for emergency first responders, Department of Homeland Security, Guide 101-06(2 nd Edition)


  • Aluoch , A., Sadik, O. A., Bedi, G. (2005) Development of an oral biosensor for salivary amylase using monodispersed silver for amplification. Analytical Biochemistry, 340, 136-144 (2005)
  • Aluoch, A ., Amrute, K., Sadik, O. A. (2005), Novel electrochemical oral biosensor for histatin. Sensor Letters, 3, 161-163


  • Aluoch, A ., R. Tatini, Parsons, D. M., Sadik, O. A. (2004) Stability indicating ion-pair HPLC method for the determination of risedronate in commercial formulation, J. Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies, 27, 2799-2813
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